January blue skies

A nicer kind of blues

Sara Verrall

1/23/20242 min read

What is there to write about in January?

When the temperature is dropping, and all the colour and jollity of Christmas is packed away for another year?

We are so lucky, in Marseillan, in our little corner of the South of France. Even when all the Christmas Chalets have been loaded onto trucks and taken off to their secret store; even when Santa has left his harbour-front cabin and sailed away across the Etang; even when the last firework has popped and the last sparkler fizzed ... We're lucky. Because Marseillan has her own warmth and character, even when chilling winds send folks hurrying back to their firesides early each evening.

Whether you enjoy bracing strolls on deserted beaches beside strongly surging seas, or whether you enjoy the quiet time and space to browse and discover hidden gems in the old town streets. Marseillan keeps her charm, and her welcome ... and she has more than her fair-share of Blue Sky Days in Wintertime, too.

The family-run oyster shacks are closed, to allow fresh stock to grow. But the restauranteurs in town agree a convenient rotating schedule, so that there are usual a few places open for evening dining. And on fresh and bright weekends, there's a greater choice of lunchtime venues, witha chance to soak up the sun's precious rays. We can always guarantee a coffee, an ice cream, or a naughty creamy waffle or pancake, from our favourite waterfront cafe. His tables and chairs are set up right next to where the Diane pleasure-cruise boat ties up. You can't miss it ... and you might well see us there, too!

Check the Hospitality page of this website, choose your favourite, cosy accommodation and treat yourself to a happy, soul-warming break in this favourite "Little Corner of Paradise".

and check back in with us soon, for next month's blog which will have details of some of the many and varied events we can look forward to in 2024.