Vi är omgivna av ett fantastiskt vackert landskap. Det finns så mycket att upptäcka runt Marseillan. Om du tar bilen och gör några turer på 50-60 km runt, behöver du stanna ett år för att uppleva allt.
Sète, a coastal gem in southern France, is often called the "Venice of Languedoc" for its intricate canal system. It's famed for its vibrant maritime culture, stunning beaches, and picturesque harbor, making it a delightful destination for seafood enthusiasts, artists, and those seeking a taste of Mediterranean charm.
Agde, a historic town in the south of France, is known for its rich heritage, including the ancient Greek origins of its name. It boasts charming streets, a bustling market, and a stunning cathedral, while its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea makes it a popular destination for sun-seekers.
Béziers, a historic town in southern France, is known for its impressive Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire and the iconic Canal du Midi. Famous for its viticulture, it offers visitors a blend of medieval architecture, rich history, and a vibrant wine culture, all set against the scenic backdrop of the Languedoc countryside.
Carcassonne, located in southern France, is celebrated for its medieval fortress, La Cité, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This captivating town features well-preserved walls, turrets, and a labyrinthine castle, drawing visitors into a historic world. Its cobbled streets, boutiques, and restaurants make it a popular tourist destination.
Minerve, a quaint village in the South of France, is perched atop a rocky outcrop, encircled by stunning gorges. Known for its historical significance, it's a fortified village that provides a glimpse into the past. The natural beauty of its surroundings adds to its appeal, making it a charming destination.
Saint-Chinian, a picturesque town in southern France, is renowned for its wine production. Nestled in the heart of the Languedoc region, it offers visitors the chance to explore local vineyards, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, and savor its charming market square, all surrounded by beautiful countryside and the Orb River.
Ce domaine de 76 hectares produit des vins sans doute depuis l’époque romaine, mais c’est le Baron Hilaire Reynaud qui lui a donné le nom de son saint patron, Saint Hilaire, lorsqu’il en fait l’acquisition en 1817. Le baron était une célébrité locale ayant acquis une renommée illustre en tant que général et héros de la Grande Armée de Napoléon
Pézenas, a historic town in the south of France, is famous for its well-preserved medieval architecture and its association with Molière, the renowned French playwright. The town's cobbled streets, artisan shops, and vibrant market scene provide visitors with a glimpse into its rich cultural heritage and artistic spirit.
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Situated between the “Bassin de Thau” and clay/limestones hills, our land extends to 30 hectares of vineyards, grouped around the estate. The Mediterranean climate allows the grapes to mature fully and further develop their characteristics during the winemaking process.
Welcome to the Seigneurie de Peyrat, one of the region’s oldest and most respected vineyard estates. Situated just outside the beautiful town of Pézenas, the estate is renowned for producing some of the regions top wines. It has also established itself as the premiere wine tourism destination for visitors - both local and international - who are looking to experience the best the Languedoc has to offer.
Roquebrun, a lovely village in the South of France, is situated along the Orb River and known for its Mediterranean gardens and botanical collections. This picturesque destination offers scenic river views, kayaking opportunities, and a charming Mediterranean garden open to the public, making it an idyllic retreat for nature lovers.
Canoës & Kayaks à Roquebrun, à 30 min de Béziers, 1h15 de MontpellierNous informons notre aimable clientèle que la base est fermée.
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On The first record of the chapel at Saint Martin dates from the year 987. Built on a site going much farther back to the times of pagan ritual, the chapel was probably modified in the following century when, by the year 1000, it had acquired its Early Romanesque style. Decorated with Italianate frescos at the end of the 19th century,
Gruissan, a coastal town in southern France, is known for its unique circular village on the Mediterranean shore. The ancient town, surrounded by salt flats, is a picturesque destination with sandy beaches and a charming marina. It's a popular spot for water sports and a relaxed coastal lifestyle.
Laurent Arcella, From his production base, Atelier & Co, Laurent offers oysters of the highest quality, to eat in-situ or to take away. With a guarantee of meticulous methods of production and of a know-how that brings out the best in their flavours, his carefully nurtured oysters can be traced from birth to harvest.
The largest Museum-Park in Europe devoted to dinosaurs in the middle of an outstanding paleontological site. An extraordinary voyage in time.The remains of an extremely large dinosaur of the Iguanodon family have been discovered here. It could be a new species!July 2004 : New Museum-Park « Origins and Evolution of man »